Peter Warren Renault Warranty
Renault Warranty Vehicle Warranty Policy

New Vehicle Warranty

All new Renault vehicles are covered by some of the most comprehensive warranty terms in the market. The table below outlines the warranty policy covering all current Renault vehicles.

VehicleYears of coverageMileage coverageValid date of policy


5 Unlimited Purchased from April 1st 2011
MEGANE R.S. 5 Unlimited Purchased from May 1st 2019
(NOT inc. KANGOO Z.E.)


(inc. Platform Cab and Master Bus)
5 200,000km Purchased from September 1st 2020
Renault will repair or replace any part on the vehicle (except those items listed in the Customer Information and Maintenance Booklet under the section titled "What is not covered") which proves to be defective in materials or workmanship, free of charge - subject to the terms and conditions of that warranty.

If you purchased your vehicle prior to the valid date listed below, please contact your local Renault dealer or Renault Customer Service on 1800 009 008 to confirm the warranty for your specific vehicle.